Your Custom Home... 
from Start to Finish!

What exactly is a "Custom Home"?

By definition, a custom home is a "one-of-a-kind house that is designed for a specific client and for a particular location." (Wikipedia). Other builders offer tract homes (move in ready), spec homes (nearly complete models that allow some modifications), or semi-custom homes (standard house plans with limited available modifications). At Deer Creek, all we build are custom homes: designed and built specifically for your family with your unique needs and wants incorporated from start to finish.

man in black jacket and white hard hat holding green plastic bottle

Let Us Help You Design and Build Your Dream Home! 

We don't have just a few plans for you to choose from...
we will design EXACTLY the home you want!

There are no limitations on the materials, products,
or finishes you can choose from!

You will get PERSONAL ATTENTION from the builder himself, including site visits as needed!

We will be there when you need us -
in our office or on your job site!

Let Deer Creek Build Your Custom Home

Deer Creek Custom Homes owner Ron Williamson talks about the design build process.

Are you ready to build?

We only build a few homes each year.  Why?  Because we believe that each homeowner deserves our full time and attention - that doesn't happen if we have too many projects going at one time.

Your project also deserves our very best efforts.  Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your custom home project!